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About Kadamb :

Kadamb Patola Art is a leading firm of Rajkot city making Patola from one of the very rare patola making firms in India.

Kadamb Patola Art has huge experience of making patola. In the mid of early 70s the forefather of “Kadamb” family has started this activity as small family business and in 1975 Kadamb Patola Art came in existence as patola making firm. Since then Kadamb Patola Art has been growing like anything today has became a leading and very well-known firm in the Rajkot city of Gujarat state in India the great.

Kadamb Patola Art also posses a cooperative society named “Shree Kadamb Mahila Hastkala Audyogik Utpadan - Vechan Mandli” – a cooperative organization for producing and selling the handmade items i.e. Patola; with register No. U-5525 dated 07-05-2003.


Kadamb Patola Art, today is making Patolas with exclusive various designs, colors, arts and lookout with single ikat. More than 50-60 person from the family are joined with this laborious and multifunctional activity. Patola starts with procuring the material – excellent quality yarn and after passing though various activities like design on graph, pre-knotting of warp and weft, dying, post knots weaving, finishing and becomes a ready to use for end-user. Usually it takes around 5 months to prepare a saree if 4 to 5 artisan works jointly. Because of its multifunctional process it is cost much more. Here at Kadamb Patola Art we offer patola starting from Rs. 5000 to some lakhs. We can provide the Patola in saree form as well as also offer any length as per your requirement if it is in quantity deal.

Kadamb Patola Art regularly participates in the fairs and exhibitions every year 3 to 4 time arranged by government.

We offer Free Display of our samples at your house in any city of Gujarat state. We have the “Handloom Mark” too which is our proud for our quality.